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Licensed in 48 states, we've lent over $21 billion in home loans since our inception in 2006.

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We’ve got a 50 state strategy, which means we’ve likely already provided your neighbor with a home loan.  Our name might be new to you, but we’ve been at this for over a decade.  And, like you, none of us can be any older than 25, which means we grew up in this business.

Our story is also very likely similar to yours.  We want to be great.  We want to be happy.  We want to enjoy our friends and family.  So we built a business which allows us to be all of those things.  We do this by focusing on our people, our process, and our products.  Knowing it takes one to know one, we only hire Stars, who in turn only hire Stars – pretty soon everyone around here is a Star – then we get out of their way so that they can treat you like a Star.  Pretty simple really. 

Our process is technology driven – which means its state of the art and makes the process of getting a loan as simple as it can get.  We never lose sight of the home loan products we offer – they’ve simply got to be better than the other choices you have. 

As a Star, you expect the best and that’s all we offer.  Nothing off the rack – we are talking fine living, designer fashion home loans around here.  

We are employee owned – including each one of our leaders.  Always nice to know the Owner!

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Our Leaders

Our executive team serves our team by bringing our mission to action. There is no inspiration without execution.

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David Robnett

Chief Executive Officer

NMLS# 199773

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Scotty Pickle

NMLS# 832460

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The Celebrity Family Is Growing

We are proud to bring some of the best brands in the industry together all under the Celebrity Home Loans family. While the logos change - the spirit remains the same. We invite you to do business with our family.